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Lavender Vanilla shower steamer- SET OF 4


This shower steamer gives your shower a sweet and relaxing floral scent. This shower steamer is made with vanilla and lavender essential oils while incorporating other scents like sandalwood and orange. If the scent of lavender vanilla soap if your favorite, definitely try these out.


Hand Made with no artificial colors or colorants, no artificial fragrances, and no artificial additives.

Essential Oils: Lavender, vanilla, Orange and sandalwood

Botanicals: Lavender buds and blue cornflowers

Directions:Turn on the shower and place your shower steamer on the floor of the shower. Make sure to avoid direct or strong streams of water. This will cause the steamer to dissolve faster. Shower Steamer will fizz and release aroma as soon as it comes in the contact with water. Enjoy the smell and relaxing shower.Shower Steamers are made with Menthol Crystal in order make scent stronger. DO NOT USE AS BATH BOMB.

Lavender Vanilla Shower Steamers